Evil Spam

This is so low I feel compelled to tell people about it. It's a spam e-mail that has a "Report Spam" button that actually causes you to get spammed.

I got everything contained in the gray table below as an e-mail. It looked like the "Report Spam" button could be something provided by my e-mail host, which, like many others, has been promising new anti-spam measures now that there's been so much talk about spam legislation. And this is definitely spam, so I put in the address and clicked on the button and...hey...the pop-up form asks for my e-mail address. I don't like that one little bit.

So I poked at the code and noticed that the "Report Spam Here" button links to...hm...the exact same URL as the "Click here to get your DVD for free" button. I don't like that one bit, either.

So I poked some more and found that the only other URL in the code goes to "www.spammingbureau.com" (they do not get a link). I went there, and it looked like it just might be a legitimate anti-spam company. Except, when you click on their "Report Spam" button, they want your e-mail address. Nope, don't like that at all.

So I did a Web search on them and found that an actual anti-spam organization's Web site (www.spamcon.org) had a discussion thread on them - it starts here, if you want to read the whole thing. The short of it is, the company information is wholly fraudulent; their listed address and phone number don't actually exist, and if you do send them your e-mail address, you immediately start getting spammed.


  1. Stay the heck away from the Spamming Bureau.
  2. And if you get an e-mail that has an anti-spam feature you don't recognize, check what you're sending and where you're sending it before you do anything.

Evil Spam

Note: I have, for obvious reasons, taken my e-mail address out of the code below.
(I was going to replace it with something pretty vulgar, but settled on evilspam@evilspam.com.)
I left some of the evil spammer's links live so you can see how they coded it, but I've put some editorial comments in.

Spammer's E-Mail Address


(Sorry about the blinking text. It's all one image, so I can't just kill the blinking part.)
Everything in the outlined table is one hyperlinked image. Don't click any part of it.
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End of spam.

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