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She reminds me of Vivien Leigh: a classically-trained, respected but little-known British actress, suddenly catapulted into worldwide stardom by appearing in the most successful movie of her time. She had two Oscar nominations at the age of 23, and she'll doubtless have many more. Her selection of films and roles has always been excellent, and she defies typecasting - how many other actresses could play both 1950s teenage murderer and Shakespeare's Ophelia so distinctively and believably?

These pages contain images from most of her movies and links to pages about Kate and her films. Cast and crew listings, reviews, pages for her new movies, and more links coming soon!


Gallery 1 Magazine and publicity photos - simply beautiful.
Gallery 2 Gorgeous glamour-girl pictures.

Heavenly Creatures Sense and Sensibility
Jude Hamlet Titanic

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